I’m the co-founder and Managing General Partner of Village Ventures (www.villageventures.com), an early stage venture capital firm with about $175M under management.  I founded it with my college roommate Bo Peabody, and we work with a great team of folks, including Michael Barach, Bob Kraus, Steve Massicotte, Bryan Birsic and others.  I live in New York City, where our primary office is, and we also have an office in Williamstown, MA, where I’ve spent much of my life.

I’m married to Jessica Harris, who hosts and produces a radio show on NPR called From Scratch, about the entrepreneurial life.  We are the parents of a two year old girl named Campbell, who is an avid “reader”.  We have a dog (Audrey), a cat (Grendel) and two goats (Silly and Rosie).

My primary preoccupations, beyond family and work, include military history and a variety of non-profits, principally a theater company called the Williamstown Theatre Festival.


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