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Tired of Self-Hating VCs

This post was stimulated by a tweet i read over the weekend, by a VC I won’t name because I don’t know him, and he has a very good reputation for being a nice guy. His tweet read: “I’m really … Continue reading

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Reaction to VC’s Are Not Your Friends

First, read this post. A couple of my close friends, Mark Solon and Roger Ehrenberg, have tweeted this article with the endorsement MUST READ. I’m as much (or more) of a fanboy of Steve Blank as anyone, and I think … Continue reading

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The Perils of Gridlock, or Why My Wife is Always Right

My wife and I were in Cairo about 8 months ago, serving on an Endeavor international selection panel. For those who don’t know about Endeavor, you should, it’s a fantastic organization. They work in developing economies to identify and provide … Continue reading

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