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I think that, sometime soon, people are going to stop making predictions. Actually, tragically, that isn’t likely to happen. Human beings are seemingly irrepressible predicting machines, in that it is a way to sound intelligent without anyone being able to … Continue reading

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Would You Prefer Qualitative Trading?: A layman’s thoughts on computational finance

When I was an undergrad, in the early 1990s, I spent a little time trying to figure out how to invest what meager savings I had (generated by my lucrative summer pizza delivery gig). My first efforts were directed at … Continue reading

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What We Blog About When We Blog About Blogging

I was talking with one of my favorite entrepreneurs the other day, who was trying to choose a lead for his next financing round.  This is a guy who had plenty of options.  Facetiously, sort of, he said he was … Continue reading

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